Interview: 10Q’s with ROBERT ORTIZ (ESCAPE THE FATE)

Jasmine Ritchie pops a few questions to drummer Robert Ortiz of Escape The Fate following their recent appearance at Download. They are back in the UK for the Vans Warped date at Alexandra Palace on 16th November and are set to announce headlining European dates shortly…

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1. What are you currently up to? (recording, gigs, plans etc.)

Just got home from doing some big European festivals. So a few weeks off before we jump back on the road with Hollywood Undead for a US Tour.

2. What was Download and how did the gig go? Did you get a chance to see Iron Maiden and any other bands?

Download was crazy. There were a lot of people. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties that kept us from being on our A game. But its rock n roll….shit happens. We were so busy all day that I didnt get to see any other bands live. Im a huge maiden fan so thats a bummer for me.

3. How did the recent US tour with Papa Roach go?

Great. I think our sound is starting to find its way across boundaries. It’s like there was only a select screamo scene that cared about us. Now everyone is coming around. And of course Papa Roach is awesome so it was fun being around them.

4. You never seem to be off the road! What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

The road

5. Have you been pleased with the reaction from fans and reviewers so far to the new album ‘Ungrateful’?

Yes. Its been our most acclaimed record to date. It almost worries me a little. Almost like, where are the haters? Are enough people hearing it? But either way, we got old fans telling us that we’re back. And new fans telling us, “i thought you guys used to be fags, but your new stuff is awesome.”

6. You have a massive fan base in your native US. Have you seen more fans taking to your music here in the UK and mainland Europe?

Absolutely. Those festivals were pretty overwhelming. It’s now been a couple years since we’ve been there and the response was amazing. I can’t believe so many people still care about us. I definitely think we need to spend more time in Europe.

7. Do the band find time to interact with fans on social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. and do you think this takes away a little of the mystique over bands now compared to say Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses et al when fans only ever really found out about band members through interviews in the press.

Yeah I do that stuff. It’s all pretty new to me. I spent several years without it. I personally hate it. I want people to know about me as they see me on-stage and on interviews that are written out by intelligent journalists who understand the rock scene and spent their lives covering it. Unfortunately Twitter and Facebook are the biggest media outlets now. And if you don’t want to take part then you’re missing your biggest opportunity to promote your art. So I guess I kind of have to now.

8. If given the chance who would you like to tour with ideally and why?

Well there’s different ways to answer that. But I’ll just say Metallica. I grew up with them. They are truly my ultimate idols, so to be able to watch them every night and relate to them on some sort of a peer sense, then that would be the ultimate dream come true. Now as for a more natural fit, I love Five Finger Death Punch.

9. What do you all enjoy doing in your spare time away from music?

Anything sports related. It’s the complete opposite of music. Sometimes you have to get your mind off the rock and being active and watching dudes compete for superiority over one another is awesome to me. I’m a shit talker so it is a natural fit for me to talk shit to your face then school you. I’m a big boxing fan. That’s the ultimate.

10. Anything else to add and a message for your fans…

We’re back and here to destroy.

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