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So, here’s a trivia challenge for you – name the best five…, three….okay, two or even one of Sweden’s best rock bassists in the last three decades? Not a huge gene pool, is it? But that is how his publicists describe Nalle Pahlsson – omitting to mention that he’s a bit of a ringer for one of the oldest cool dudes in the world, Rudi Schenker, complete with Dave Lee Roth short back and sides….not sure about the Alice Cooper eye-make up (a tip, Nalle – it was cool in the ‘70s but only when smudged by faux tears – otherwise you just look like a panda).

But we’re not here to engage in image assassination – each to their own, right? I was preparing to slam “Sweden’s best rock bassist in thirty years”, especially when his bio states he had an AC/DC covers band called….wait for it…..AB/CD and, as rhythm guitarist, he called himself “Nalcolm”. But there’s a catch….actually a few….in several of these songs ! Absolutely nothing new here – it’s Krokus/euro-riff-rock – but it’s hard not to like some of it. I’m even boring myself these days, rambling on about how it’s all about the song-writing….being able to play, produce, kick-ass, have a bulge in yer pants – that’s just buying a ticket. Having the right numbers is what wins you the lottery (pun fully intended). Nalle didn’t crack it on every track by any means and don’t, don’t DON’T watch the lyric videos….(you will now, I know) unless you want a laugh.

But do suck it and see on “Trip”, “Aces High”, “From Rise To Fall” and “Hell City”. This is a cluttered genre but I’ve heard a lot, lot worse. In terms of musical complexity – I’ve had deeper baths – but if your bag is MTV-era, big-hair, leather rawk, then certainly check out Sweden’s best rock bassist in….oh, must be thirty years. ***

Review by Mark “Mad Dog” Shaw

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