Album review: ESCAPE THE FATE – Hate Me


[Release date 30.10.15]

“Hate Me” is the 5th studio album from the Las Vegas formed band. Escape the Fate (ETF) are most notable for being the first band of outspoken Falling in Reverse frontman, Ronnie Radke. They also have worked with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy on their previous album “Ungrateful”.

ETF have, since their formation seen a large shift in their members with drummer Robert Ortiz the only remaining founding member. Despite the lack of permanence of its members the band throughout their career have produced a very consistent string of albums. “Hate Me” is no different from this streak and is potentially their arguably most significant studio album to date.

Frontman Craig Mabbitt stated “This new album is, without any question in my mind, the best thing that has ever borne the Escape The Fate name by a distance”. After listening to this album it would be hard to disagree with the former Blessthefall vocalist.

Mabbitt added “Sonically we’ve always been a diverse band who have everything from ballads to really heavy songs – and our fans expect that – but I think on this album we’ve gone full force with it. The heaviest songs are the heaviest we’ve ever written, and the poppy songs are the poppiest we’ve ever done. We came to this kind of ‘Who cares what people think of us’ realization this time around – we’re amplifying everything that we love about this band in all directions and it has been incredibly liberating.”

“Hate Me” as described is an album which can vary from one extreme to the other. It has its moments of real heaviness with “Les Enfants Terribles” which is an absolutely stunning song which kicks to life in such an aggressive manner after beginning in an eerie sounding singing. This is something which will please older fans of this band, a song reminiscent of older material such as “This War is Ours” and “The Aftermath”.

The album also has its softer, ballad like moments with acoustic “Let Me Be” and it also has its poppy aspects with “Remember Every Scar” which proves that this band can vary their sound.

This defiance to be limited is something which drives ETF onwards to create music which breaks down genre related barriers. This variety is something the band have worked hard to facilitate with bassist Kevin Gruft stating “I think there genuinely is something in there for everyone.”

My personal preferences from this album has to be “Les Enfants Terribles” for its sheer power and anger. This song has the ability to pump you up and have you motioning a circle pit wherever you are. Something you might have to explain in detail to your boss should you listen to this at work.

Another pick has to be “Get Up Get Out” just simply down to the fact that it is a song with attitude. It has a sense of bravado in its lyrics with a catchy hooked chorus.

“Hate Me” overall is without a doubt the best album to date by ETF and it will be interesting to see if the band will bag themselves a slot at any upcoming UK festivals. Something which could see the band thrust into the spotlight.  ****1/2

Review by Dillon Grant

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