Album Review: DELICATE STEVE – This is Steve

ANTI- Records Release date 27.01.17]

I’m not a lyrics guy. There I’ve said it. It’s always been about the music, and inevitably about the guitar(s). However, I’ve never been convinced that I’m an instrumental guy either. Sure, I’ve got a fair bit of Satriani in my collection. Who doesn’t? He’s been known to release the odd instrumental here and there. But after that, I would be struggling to include any further instrumental guitarists on the list.

Until now.

Delicate Steve has managed to produce an album of varied instrumental tracks with a spacey guitar sound that features prominently. However, it doesn’t outshine the other instruments. Maybe this is because Steve plays everything on this album? Maybe he’s just really good at getting the balance right? Maybe both?

There are tracks to accompany most daily activities. “Cartoon Rock” hits you right in the face with the ferocity of the very strongest espresso first thing in the morning. It includes a great riff that will want to make you open the car windows. Even in the depths of winter. I defy you to listen to “Nightlife” without getting up and shuffling your feet. Save “Help” for the hardest part of whatever workout routine you punish yourself with – it will motivate and push you into personal best territory. If you need to take it down a few notches and chill with a favourite tipple, give “Driving” a go. It includes some beautiful piano.

If you have a preference for Joe Walsh style guitar you probably won’t be disappointed. Which is a good thing.

Right, time to create some sort of workout routine… ***1/2

Review by Simon Harvey

Recommended tracks:  Cartoon Rock, Help, Driving

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