Album review: THE LEN PRICE 3 – Kentish Longtails

LEN PRICE 3 - Kentish Longtails

JLM Recordings [Release date 22.09.17]

The Len Price 3 are now on this, their fifth album and not a band I have heard of previously, however if you like punk, pop rock and mod chances are you will need this album. The band switch around musical styles, one minute the classic punk sound on ‘Childish Words’, then there is the blissful pop rock of ‘Pocketful Of Watches’. The melody and harmonies on that one are wonderful, reminded me of the Dowling Poole.

The songs cover a cornucopia of subjects, be it a hark back to the lost days of Saturday cinema on ‘Saturday Morning Film Show’ or the barbed lyric on ‘Ride On Coattails’ aimed at musical hangers on. You certainly meet a few of them at gigs! Shades of Blur on ‘Stop Start Lilly’, mainly in the vocal delivery of Glenn Page and more power pop, with some rocking guitar on ‘If You See What I See’.

Listen on after ‘Man In The Woods’ main part finishes as they sneak in a extra song and a right raucous one it is too! Puts a smile on your face and spark in you stride.

Len Price 3 are a lot like the Kinks or Squeeze, wrapping everyday tales in memorable melodies and not restrained by a musical genre, they are quite happy to go where their musical noses take them. Grab a listen, you won’t be disappointed. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

How did the recent sold out album launch gig go?

It was a ton of fun. It’s always a bit nerve racking when you play a lot of new songs as you’re concentrating on getting them right and wondering how the punters will respond and so forth. It was also the longest set we’ve played so it was physically demanding too. The fans seemed to like it though and the vibes were good, so all in all it was a great success. We had Graham Day join us for a few songs on keys and guitar, which was brilliant as well as an honour. He’s a legend and a good friend.

Can you take us through the stories behind the songs and writing process behind the new album ‘The Kentish Longtails’?

Our songs are based on my observations and personal experiences. Some are looking backwards, some looking at the present, some look outwards and some look inwards. I sit down with my guitar, put some of those observations to music. I take them to the boys and we hammer them into shape for recording purposes.

The band have a varied mix of musical styles. Do you think this helps or hinders you gaining exposure to your music? Have you seen a steady growth in your fan base over the years?

I have no idea if having a variety of styles helps or hinders us. That’s not something we consider. We just do stuff that we like – which takes us in a few different stylistic directions. I like to think there is a thread of honesty running through our music regardless of what style the song turns up in.

As far as the fan base goes, I’m not sure really. We certainly get more people coming to see us play than we used to and the number of people following us on Facebook has grown, so maybe.

What have been the live highlights to date and why?

I think that’s a very subjective thing but for me personally it would include one of our first gigs outside the UK at the Primitive Festival where we played to a packed venue who went totally mad for it. It was amazing taking our stuff to a different country and people really appreciating it. Neil & Steve dragged me offstage by my ankles at the end as I was totally spent.

There was another gig at the Dublin Castle in London back in our early days where  someone placed a cigarette between my lips and lit it for me while I played a guitar solo. I don’t even smoke but it was the most rock n roll moment I’ve had in a not very rock n roll band! One time at a gig in Madrid, a chap climbed onstage, covered his entire head and face in gaffer tape, leapt off the stage and crowd surfed to the back of the room. Playing in Hyde Park on the same bill as Paul McCartney was great as we’re all Beatles nuts. I also have fond memories of playing a gig in Leon, Spain where we received such a rapturous welcome I thought the audience had confused us with someone else!

Where would be the Len Price 3 ideally like to be this time next year?

Mortgages paid off and kicking back on a beach in Barbados! On a musical front, I have always wanted to play at the Albert Hall. We’d need to find ourselves a tasty support slot for that mind!

Message for your fans…

Thank you for digging our stuff and buying our records! Really appreciate it.

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