FRIGG - Frost On Fiddles

FRIGG Frost On Fiddles Frigg [Release date 06.10.17]

Frigg (be careful how you spell that on a Google search!) hail from Finland and feature the talents of four fiddle players, plus a guitarist, bassist and cittern/mandolin players. All instrumentals and this is the band’s eight album, having picked up rave reviews and various Albums of the Year awards for their previous albums.

Frigg’s music is one you can immerse and loose yourself in for an enjoyable hour of traditional folk playing mixed with a little American bluegrass – or Nordgrass as the band terms it. They do add in their modern twists such as on ‘Friggin’ Polska’, a lively tune and the haunting melody of album closer ‘Deep Water’.

Not your usual fare granted for Get Ready to ROCK!, however the musicianship and music on this album would win over even the most set in their musical ways rock fan. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

PALE HONEY - Devotion

PALE HONEY Devotion Bolero Recordings [Release date 13.10.17]

Pale Honey are a duo, Tuva Lodmark (vocals/guitar) and Nelly Daltrey (drums), with Anders Lagerfors handling production.

It is a stark and at times difficult listen due to the fact that Tuva’s has written deeply personal lyrics based on her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with some songs dealing with paranoia. Musically it is indie rock, with ‘Real Thing’ (featuring sublime percussion on this one) and ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’ the stand out songs.

As mentioned earlier not an easy listen at times but worth it. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

HELL IN THE CLUB See You On The Dark Side

Frontiers [Release date 15.09.17]

Hell In The Club was formed by bass player Andrea “Andy” Buratto (Secret Sphere) and vocalist Davide “Dave” Moras, from folk metal band Elvenking. This is album number four from them and if you like the 80′s rock sound of bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard et al you will enjoy this lot.

They have good sense of humour as can be heard on ‘I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker’ and yes for a total curveball, they add a little swing music towards the end of the song. They go seriously OTT/pomp on ‘A Crowded Room’ with Queen-like harmonies and at nearly eight minutes they draw on their progressive musical background. They tip their musical hats to 80′s sleaze rock/metal and add their own modern stylings.

Crank it up and enjoy the musical ride! ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie


Angel Air [Release date 29.09.17]

Cathedrale were one of many bands signed by a major label in the 80′s – in this case Warners – but their music never got a proper release due to label politics. Luckily now Angel Air have given Cathedrale’s one and only album a proper release.

The band were formed in the late ’80s after Jon Camp had left Renaissance and he recruited keyboard player John Young (ASIA/GREENSLADE/BONNIE TYLER), with the band completed by Brett Wilde and Tony Bodene, plus vocalist Mark Goddard-Parker sang on some of the album’s songs.

Musically the album is very much of that time in the late 80′s with a big emphasis on synths and a sound not dissimilar to Yes in their Trevor Rabin years or GTR (Camp and Young did work with GTR vocalist Max Bacon on some songs that are sadly lost). Highlights include the keys/bass/guitar work out on ‘Element Of Surprise’ and the 80′s AOR of ‘Paris Is Calling’.

An interesting musical curio that should be snapped up by fans of the work of Jon Camp and John Young, and anyone who enjoys Trevor Rabin era Yes. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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