SHARKS Ready Steady Go

SHARKS Ready Steady Go 3MS Music [Release date 29.06.18]

Sharks can trace their origins back to 1972 when they were formed by former Free bass player Andy Fraser, guitarist Chris Spedding and vocalist Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons, both of who are in this line-up. Despite a ‘supergroup’ billing they folded in 1974, however they returned in the mid-90′s for a brief spell and returned again in 2015 on the back of tribute shows for Andy Fraser who sadly passed away that year.

They released their comeback album ‘Killers of the Deep’ last year to positive reviews and now return with ‘Ready Steady Go’. Opening with the short ‘Big Chantelle’, which is more like a song you find at the end of an album, ‘Who Chaser’ and ‘Crash Party’ (with its liberal borrowing of Beach Boys lyrics!) get the motor off and running, fuelled by the rock ‘n’ roll guitar playing of Chris Spedding. Spedding certainly deserves more recognition than he gets – listen to the blistering solo on ‘House Of You’ and the rocking out on ‘Come All Ye’ – bassist Tosh Ogawa gets a big fat bass line going on this one.

The Sharks are obviously on a roll with live shows and two albums in the space of a year, which will please their fans. It’s a decent enough album and worth a listen for Chris Spedding’s guitar playing alone. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

GIG - Brave New World

GIG Brave New World Contante & Sonante

GIG is the brainchild of the trio Randy Goodrum, Dave Innis and Bruce Gaitsch (hence GIG from their last names). All three have impressive musically CVs with Goodrum penning songs for Steve Perry (‘Oh Sherrie’) and Toto amongst others.

Innis founded the popular pop-country band Restless Heart and Gaitsch has worked with Chicago, Madonna and Peter Cetera amongst many others. Backing them include top players including Keith Carlock (Steely Dan) and Billy Ward (Bill Champlin) on drums, and George Hawkins Jr. (Kenny Loggins) on bass. Bit of a treat for lovers of West Coast AOR then!

The gentle refrains of ‘Waiting’ recalls Joseph Williams fronted Toto, whilst the country tinge to ‘Peddler, Pete’ highlights Randy Goodrum’s soothing vocals, the piano of Dave Innis and the fluid guitar playing of Bruce Gaitsch. Gaitsch adds some heft to the guitar solo on ‘Little Flame’ – you can almost feel the summer breeze on this music. ‘Isle Of Pigs’ has a light jazz air to it, the music and production are top notch as you’d expect.

Album closer ’All I’ll Ever Need’ was originally recorded as a demo with the late Warren Wiebe’s vocals for songwriter Michael Haddad. GIG retains Wiebe’s vocals adding their musical backing and is a fitting musical tribute to Warran Wiebe.

GIG is AOR in its purest form and all the better for it. Put this album on, kick back and enjoy the wonderful music, lyrics and singing that await. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie


HANNAH SANDERS & BEN SAVAGE Awake [Release date 11.05.18]

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage released their debut album ‘Before The Sun’ to great acclaim and now return with their eagerly awaited follow-up.

The first thing that grabs your attention are the vocals of Hannah Savage that are wonderfully soothing and melodic. Musically they flit between folk, covering such standards as ‘Reynardine’ and a wonderful version of ’7′ that takes the traditional magpie nursery rhyme as its base, and some gentle country on songs such as ‘I Met A Man’.

Sanders and Savage work so well together, with Savage no slouch when it comes to singing either and you can see their musical star rising even further with this album. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

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