Interview (Rising Stars): CHELSEA BOOTS

Chelsea Boots are Dani Núñez (Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals), Dani Ferrandis (Guitar , Backing Vocals), Santi Isla (Guitar, Keys, Main Vocals) and Martín Mosquera (Drums and Percussion). The eclectic four piece was born in Madrid in 2014 and the band have just released their debut album ‘Guilty Pleasure’, in which the band offers rock mixed with pop, hip-hop, R&B and electronic music. We asked Chelsea Boots to tell us more…

How did the band come together?

The band came together in 2014. We all had previous experiences in other bands, and we met each other because of common friends. We connected immediately.

You have an eclectic sound, what/who are your influences?

We have a very “classic rock” background, which is obvious, but we are also really interested in contemporary music. So everything from Bowie to Kanye.

You are already well known in Spain, what do international audiences need to know about the band and what can they expect from your live show?

We are fun and sexy. And huge megalomaniacs. I think that’s about it.

The album is called ‘Guilty Pleasure’ – what are your guilty pleasures, musical and otherwise?

Musical, probably the Spice Girls or horrendous urban latin pop. Otherwise, well…

It was recorded in just 2 weeks – you guys work fast! You must be very comfortable in the studio?

We did a very long pre production process. Then, we just spat it out in those 2 weeks. Also, recording studios ain’t cheap, so it’s better if you get things done quickly.

Do you have any plans to tour the UK?

Yes! Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing some dates soon ;)

Message to your UK fans?

Please behave yourself when you come to Magaluf!

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