Album review: TAL WILKENFELD – Love Remains


BMG [Release date 15.03.19]

If you want an album for late night listening, sustained by a favourite brew of something, this might be worthy of your attention.

Australian Tal has lent her bass playing talents to any number of artists, especially in fusion mode with the likes of Jeff Beck.

Her first vocal solo album veers from grungey angst to the more pastoral.  Overall, it’s all a bit underwhelming and there’s a lack of originality with the otherwise attractive ‘Counterfeit’ evoking a sped up  ‘Feel The Benefit’ (10cc) in the breakdown section.  Although, maybe that is a bit picky.

Wilkenfeld evidently owes much to female pioneers such as Joni Mitchell but some may find her own vocal style less convincing.  At times, it sounds like she’s just stirring after a particularly heavy session.

If you’re not going to demonstrate your muso prowess and keep the tunes to a short and snappy four minute level they have to arrive and make an impact.  ‘Under The Sun’, ‘One Thing After Another’ and ”Pieces Of Me’ are distinctly average when mixed in with the more engaging  (and upbeat) ‘Hard To Be Alone’, ‘Fistful Of Glass’ and ‘Killing Me’.

It’s not always easy stretching out as a solo artist and much will depend on production assistance, management and label suggestion, and of course a clutch of good songs.  If, for the moment, Tal Wilkenfeld might be best advised not to neglect the day job this album does repay repeat listens.  That chosen tipple will also need a refill…  ***1/2

Review by David Randall

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