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Uriah Heep - GIANTS OF ROCK - Butlins, Minehead, 26-29 January 2018 (Day 2)

UK Tours 2020 at a glance

NB Subject to change/cancellation due to current virus pandemic

Amongst those major tours announced for 2020 (with rearranged dates):

MAGNUM 19 March – 4 April
Promoting a new album ‘The Serpent Rings’.
Rescheduled to 10 -18 Dec and 15-24 February 2021
IAN ANDERSON 20 April – 19 May Check
Words and music from Tull mainman.
CANCELLED until further notice
JOE SATRIANI 22-28 May Check
Promoting a new album – ‘Shapeshifting’ – due in April.
Rescheduled to 30 April 2021-6 May 2021
YES 26 May – 5 June Check
Performing ‘Relayer’ in its entirety.
Rescheduled to 16-28 May 2021.
CANCELLED due also to David Coverdale’s surgery

JETHRO TULL 30 September – 13 October
The “Prog Years” tour.
Rescheduled to 17-30 September 2021
STEVE HACKETT 1 November – 1 December
Playing the whole of ‘Seconds Out’.
Rescheduled to 10 September – 22 October 2021
URIAH HEEP (pictured) 1-7 November
Celebrating their 50th anniversary.


H.E.A.T., Vega/Mason Hill/Collateral 28-30 May
Rescheduled 7-12 October 2021

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A Year in Rock – 2019

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Bearded Theory (23-26 May) >> Review
“Welcome aboard the Bearded Theory time machine, where four days last five minutes.”
Camden Rocks (1-2 June) >> Review
“…surely this is the Edinburgh Festival of rock music”
Download (14-15 July) >> Review
“Def Leppard remain masters of the immaculately choreographed show and unlike contemporaries Bon Jovi, have retained just enough of a rock edge for Download to continue to successfully book them as one of the select group of headline worthy acts.”
Cornbury (5-7 July) >> Review
“Cornbury got the little things spot on, be it loos that still have toilet paper on a Sunday or the fact the two main stages have no overlap (bar Sunday’s headliners), so you can maximise your music and get a few healthy steps in between walking to and from the stages.”
Ramblin Man Fair (19-21 July) >> Review
“Everyone around me was smiling and re-inforced the view that this is one of the friendliest of Festivals on the circuit. You don’t always need mean and dirty rock ‘n’ roll moves to make a connection.”
Rewind Scotland (19-21 July) >> Review
“…my wife did find a woman sheltering in the toilets during Leo’s performance as she said he made her feel physically sick! You can’t win them all…he left the stage to the crowd chanting his name and a woman peering around the toilet door checking if the coast was clear.”
Upton Blues Festival (18-21 July) >> Review
“This was a superb introduction to an annual event we’ll be returning to. Arguably better than a Saga cruise, and considerably cheaper.”
Cambridge Folk Festival (1-4 August) >> Review
“Cambridge Folk Festival, you marvellous wonders, thanks to you I have a stack of new CD’s and a new playlist of musical fabulousness. I can’t wait to see what you have in store next year!”
Beautiful Days (16-18 August) >> Review
“A man in a tutu, a bare chested man told to simply stand and flex his muscles, and a man dressed as a cow were chosen from the crowd to jump up on stage and join in with the band’s own capers. I was exhausted and broken before Less Than Jake brought me back from the brink”
Stonedeaf (24 August) >> Review
“Due to naming issues Stonedeaf is to rise again in 2020 as the Stonedead festival but I would take a punt on it being another fantastic day of rock and metal with the PA turned up and the blistering sun turned down a notch!”

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