Album review: BITERS – Electric Blood

BITERS - Electric Blood

Earache Records [Release date 07.08.15]

Biters are a four piece band hailing from Atlanta, USA and this debut album certainly tips it’s hat to 70′s rock with a little punk attitude thrown in for good measure. Unusual to be on Earache Records, a label more known for its extreme metal roster, although they back good music and should have a winner with Biters.

The two opening songs, ‘Restless Hearts’ (one of the songs of the year for sure can’t stop playing this one) and ’1975′ (with a classic 70′s glam rock drum beat), have more hooks and melodies in them than many bands in a similar vein strive to achieve yet fail. Yes they would have been a bigger success back in the mid-80′s as they have a whiff of Guns ‘N’ Roses about them in parts, along with AC/DC (the title track) and Thin Lizzy.

They have a ballad of sorts on ‘The Kids Ain’t Alright’, complete with a bit of social commentary, whilst ‘Low Lives In Hi-Definition’ mixes an AC/DC riff with a Thin Lizzy guitar sound on the solo and name checks Kiss in the lyrics! ‘Space Age Wasteland’ sounds like a filler after the treats beforehand sadly.

Starts well, packing the musical punches early on in the album before tailing off slightly. Worthy of a listen, as they show promise and certainly know how to pen a catchy tune. Keep an eye on the Biters that’s for sure. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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