DVD review: THE ROLLING STONES – Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across Latin America

Eagle Vision [Release date 26.05.17]

More a documentary than a concert film, “Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across Latin America” was originally released in selected cinemas last September and was shown on Channel 4 at the end the year. The film is an accompaniment to “Havana Moon”, the footage from The Rolling Stones March 2016 show in Havana – the largest free concert seen in Cuba, and given approval by Castro himself.

The footage starts with the final rehearsals in LA and follows the band through Latin America, including the likes of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil before ending up in Cuba. There are some age defying live performances here, in front of audiences that range in age from the very young through to lifelong fans- and everywhere they visit the band are treated like royalty, Charlie Watts comments that this is like a larger version of the 60’s hysteria that the band enjoyed.

Many of the countries visited on this tour were under military rule in the 1960’s and 1970’s and so the band are either visiting for the first time or have only played there in the last twenty years or so. There are some great interviews with fans along the tour, musicians in these countries that have been affected by the band’s music as well as band interaction, live and backstage footage and interviews.

Another great quote from Charlie Watts “It’s like a circus, but one we created- we built the ring, we built the tent”, we also see Ronnie Wood painting with a local artist in Brazil that has become a friend over the years. However, the highlight here is a fantastic bit of footage that shows Keith Richards and Mick Jagger sat in a room with an acoustic guitar as they run through a stunning version of fan favourite “Honky Tonk Woman”, talk about how it was written in Brazil and also about their special chemistry.

Throughout the film we get to see the planning for the Havana show and this culminates in the build up to the show itself, as the band pull it off after all the hard work put in by their entire team behind the scenes.

Bonus material includes full live versions of seven songs including “Out of Control”, “Miss You”, “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Paint It Black”.

Even in 2017, The Rolling Stones are setting the standards for large scale rock shows for all abnds following in their wake, and with European dates announced for this year, I for one look forward to seeing a lot more from the band. *****

Review by Nikk Gunns

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