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Steve Hackett - At The Edge Of Light

STEVE HACKETT At The Edge Of Light (Inside Out) [Release date 25.01.19]

In his long and distinguished career at the forefront of everything that’s good about progressive rock, Steve Hackett has consistently delivered albums of the highest calibre in a genre blessed with the finest musicians.

With ‘At The Edge Of Light’ he’s taken even his exceptional abilities to another level.

Simply breathtaking. 

***** (Review by Alan Jones)

DEL BROMHAM - White Feather

DEL BROMHAM White Feather (Estoteric Antenna) [Release date 12.10.18]

‘White Feather’ is arguably the kind of album Del Bromham could only have made as an experienced songwriter in the autumn of his career and he’s revels in the creative opportunity it affords him in a belated major step-up in his solo career.

****½ (Review by Pete Feenstra)

RPWL - Tales From Outer Space

RPWL Tales From Outer Space (Gentle Art Of Music)  [Release date: 22.03.19]

It is only every so often an album as fine as this comes around – and in the mind-numbing vacuum of bugger-all that passes for much of music these days, the opportunity to absorb its brilliance should not, and must not, be missed.

Truly exceptional and an early candidate for “Album Of The Year”.  

***** (Review by Alan Jones)


ELLES BAILEY Road I Call Home (Outlaw Music) [Release date 08.03.19]

With her husky, emotive vocals and a definite ear for a good song it’s not difficult to see why Bailey has been picking up fans and rave reviews across a range of genres – from rock to folk to country to blues. 

**** (Review by Darren Johnson)

Keith Howe - That's The Vibe

KEITH HOWE That’s The Vibe  [Release date 31.01.19]

‘That’s The Vibe’ taps into roller coaster of rock, blues, funk with plenty of deep grooves, staccato horn stabs and fluid guitar playing that glues together a big sounding, well produced album.

**** (Review by Pete Feenstra)

WILY BO WALKER - The Roads We Ride

WILY BO WALKER The Roads We Ride (Mescal Canyon Records) [Release date 15.03.19]

‘The Roads We Ride’ may draw on familiar cinematic themes for its narratives, but a combination of Walker’s evocative phrasing, Brayshaw’s steely licks and Karena K’s ethereal bv’s make for unique musical imprint that marks out this album as special.

**** (Review by Pete Feenstra)

April-June 2019

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ROBIN TROWER In The Line Of Fire (1990)

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