THE BRINK - Nowhere To Run

THE BRINK Nowhere To Run Frontiers [Release date 17.05.19]

The Brink – Tom Quick (vocals), Lexi (lead guitar), Izzy Trixx (rhythm guitar), Gary Connor (bass guitar) and Davide Drake Bocci (drums) – are another up and coming band, part of the new wave of bands influenced by classic rock bands. Although in the Brink’s case, despite a love of 80’s rock (and band member names!) a la Bon Jovi, they have a distinct pop punk sound on certain songs, ‘Save Goodbye’ and ‘Never Again’ being prime examples. Mind you they delve back further into time with the dirty AC/DC-approved riff on ‘No Way Back’, one of the stand outs on here.

The Brink have their moments on this album, although at fifteen songs perhaps a few could have been left off to give a tighter album. They have promise and certainly one to keep an eye on. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

RESTLESS SPIRITS Frontiers [Release date 17.05.19]

Restless Spirits is another Frontiers project (and yes Alessandro Del Vecchio is involved!) formed around Lords Of Black’s guitarist Tony Hernando. It seems Hernando is a bit of a fan of melodic hard rock and he has a talented bunch of guest singers on here including Deen Castronova (ex-Journey) Hardline’s Johnny Gioeli and Dino Jelusic of fellow Frontiers artist Animal Drive.

Despite the variety of vocalists the album’s overall sound holds together well, with notable highlights including the Journey-like ‘Unbreakable’, made more so by Castronova’s Steve Perry like vocals.

Dino Jelusic goes all Coverdale on ‘Cause I Know You Are The One’, a damn catchy hard rocker. Johnny Gioeli puts in his usual passionate vocal on ‘Stop Livin’ To Live Online’, a song that really cranks it up after a mellow keys/piano intro.

The closing track features the new Lords Of Black vocalist Diego Valdez and one that doesn’t really match up to the other songs on here.

Restless Spirits is good fun, with plenty of enjoyable melodic hard rock to enjoy and of course lots of guitar courtesy of Tony Hernando. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

ZEPHYRA Fall. Rise. Conquer. [Release date 19.04.19]

Zephyra hail from Sweden, have been around since 2011, this is their third album and they are a melodic death metal band – definitely not one of my go to musical genres. However, Zephyra certainly hone in on the melodic side of things and love a bit of synth.

Imagine Battle Beast with dark/growl vocals and you will go for a song like ‘Waiting For Nothing’. Fair play to Zephyra as they sing two songs in their native tongue and to really take a chance they cover the Metallica classic ‘Nothing Else Matters’. It keeps the original’s battering rhythm and guitar riffs, adding in keys and a strong vocal performance from Åsa Netterbrant, to give a worthy cover.

If good quality melodic death metal is your thing add another star to the rating and get this one pronto. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

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