Interview: UNCLE SID (Dale Salive)

Uncle Sid are back and have released their latest, self-titled album. Here we catch-up with founding member and drummer Dale Salive

Uncle Sid

What have Uncle Sid been up to in the past year?

Hi GRTR!, for the most part we’ve just been writing and recording.

Our new self-tilted CD is getting a lot of attention with our new heavier type sound. As Dio put it several times “we’re feeling the Magic” and we’re going to give it back 10 fold when we play live!

We’ve also been writing for the CD and we’re already half way through the next album with the song ideas. We’re looking forward to getting in the studio as soon as possible to start recording it. Also the past year we’ve been in the works of putting on our first Japan tour. Looks like we be touring there starting on Sept 8th and doing 8 show in and around Tokyo. We’re totally stoked about this one as it’s the 1st overseas tour we’ve ever done! We are now working on a UK and Germany tour when we get back from Japan. So if there’s anyone out there that can help us with some shows in those Country, nudge nudge wink wink.

You have a new self-titled album out at the end of May. Can you take us through some of the songs, ideas behind the songs etc.

This CD was a labor of love for all of us. Some songs came to us easily and others like “Mater of Fate” took a little time.

Here’s what Emerald had to say about the lyrics of our new songs:

CODE BLUE was the first song we released in 2016. This song is personally my favorite, lyrically the words were born from my genuine love for this world. Having a healthcare background , the title ‘Code Blue’ was taken from a hospital code which means ‘resuscitate’ or ‘in need of immediate medical attention’. We experience racism, wars, violence, human-caused disasters, animal cruelty, environmental misuse and abuse all around the globe. I wanted to send this message to all the people that this place we live in needs some love and care that only us, as humans, can give.. that we have to start doing good simple deeds in our own  little ways now before it’s too late.

MASTER OF FATE , THE OPTIMIST & THE ROAD: Although I have written the lyrics based on my personal perspective, I see these 3 songs as a reflection of what the band is doing right now. The Optimist is obviously staying positive despite of the hurdles we had, we are facing and may face in the future. This song was the hardest for me to write on ,I think. I believe it took me about 6 months to actually come up with words and melody.(lol)

Master of Fate is a virtue I hold and follow. Ever since I was young, I have always believed that each person are the drivers of their own journey. You don’t blame people for what you’ve become or anything of that matter. we make our own choices and decisions , we stand up for whatever the outcome is, good or bad. Hence the line ” drive your soul because you are the master of your fate”.

The Road  is a summary if what we experienced during our Canadian tour and just being together as a band. I’m sure a lot of band members or musicians can relate to this (you know), that music industry is tough. But sometimes if you find the right people, you’ll be tougher than anything.

FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: This is  inspired by the “Mental Health Week” in Canada (which is 1st week of May). This song is about people who face anxiety and depression. A lot of people experience their own down time ,like myself..and it sucks to feel that way even if you don’t want to feel that wake up having fear of something you don’t know.. to feel like everything is wrong even it’s feel alone, empty, worthless, not enough for yourself and for the people around you. But the end of the day, I want to tell people that life is a cycle, the darkness will end and the sun will rise again. and this what “LET’S GO” is all about as well..knowing when to take a short break for yourself. Breathe and have fun.  Do not care what people think about you, you will be judged whatever you will do, hence the song DEVIL WITH A HALO.  You know yourself better than anyone else

HORNS UP: This song was inspired by Dio. He has influenced this band in many ways like some of our band influences. As a growing band, our goal is to give our own contribution to the world of rock n’ roll. To make people enjoy rock music as much as we do.

Uncle Sid

The newer songs, especially ‘Evilution’, sound much heavier than previous Uncle Sid songs. Was this a conscious decision by the band to make the music heavier or did it just happen naturally through the recording process?

Well a big part of our heavier sound is that fact we have 2 new members. This will be Emerald Green and Frankie Scars first recording with Uncle Sid. They are a big reason our sound is how it is now and we’re all liking it!

Kirk and I (Dale) continue to get tighter as a rhythm section, which makes for a kick ass back bone for this band.

You can get your FREE download of “Evilution” and 2 others “Code Blue” and Horns Up!” at

Free downloads will be available till the end of June.

What sort of set can fans expect at your CD launch gig on 31 May?

Well it’s going to be really fresh playing all new songs! We’ve been playing songs from the past few CD’s for the past couple years. So we’re all really hyped about laying these new tunes down big time for our Sidizens!

What sort of change have you seen in terms of the live scene in the past couple of years?

Well here in Vancouver B.C. it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride with live clubs closing and opening. The Rickshaw Theatre is a staple in this city for Hard Rock/Metal and we’re very excited about having our CD release there. There are several other great venues here as well at the moment and the scene is pretty healthy.

Do you find that with social media like Facebook and Twitter band’s get lots of followers/likes, yet this may not always convert into actual CD sales and/or people turning up to your shows?

Yeah I think it’s a yin and yang type thing. Bands really have to put a lot of time and effort into social media to have it work. The more personable you are with the fans the more they’ll give you the time of day.

As far as CD and download sales go I believe the model is changing. A lot of music is free now if you want it. I know most loyal fans will give the $0.99 for a download to support the recording process and give a little back to the band.

Bands do most CD sales touring now and I personally believe that fans still want something tangible to hold in their hands. Uncle Sid is considering put out some vinyl as well, as a lot of people in north America are getting back into listening to it.

As for people turning out at your show, bands need to get some kind of buzz happening along with some FB ads, which seem to work. There’s also a lot of their profiles that cater to all the fans of whatever genre you play. Again, it all about how much effort you put into these type of sites to see results.

Message for you fans…

You want Rock’n Metal? Check out our new self-titled CD!

We are now on a mission to tour the World as much as possible. We know there’s a lot of fans out there who want to hear melodic Hard Rock/Metal again and we’re here to deliver it! We hope all the Rockers out there give our new songs a listen.

If you like what you hear like us at You can do this with your Facebook login ;)

We love our Fans! Sidizens unite and join us with our mission.

See you all when we go on tour this Fall!

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid you’ll be glad you did! ;)

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